Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WHERE IS MOJITOGIRL? where did she disappear to THIS TIME?

This is where I live. This is what I see every morning coming home from work. Sunrises to cry over, each different in color and shade from the other. Just endless amount of water on each side of the road, with mangroves and herons and boats and bridges breaking up the view.

I live in the lower Keys. I work in Key West, but I live on a little island called Ramrod. No hustle and bustle here. We don't even have a traffic light.

My husband and I are both mobile health professionals. We began traveling last year because the ecomomic situation in our home was so depressed. We had always loved Key West, and when we found out there were travel opportunities available, we jumped on the chance to be there temporarily.

TEMPORARY was the plan.

Now he wants to stay. Permanently. He got "sand between his toes" as the locals say. I never took off my shoes.

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