Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EXCITING THINGS TO DO that might kill you in the process

Since we now live in Paradise, there are things to do here that you wouldn't normally get to do and see anywhere else in the country. Beside the boating and fishing and dropping your body into the middle of the ocean for a dip (shark, go away!),  what can you do?

Diving is BIG here. I live right off Looe Key, which is a protected marine sanctuary and favorite dive spot. I'm not certified (something to do with my fear of crabs) but I can snorkel. The underwater panorama I'm told is awesome. Dan goes out there all the time. I'm waiting for a good day without too many waves that make me seasick.

I've been parasailing over Key West (that's where you go up in a harness and a parachute behind a boat and sail wayyyyy up in the air). Incredible sights from above, especially on a clear day. That was fun. Also took a wave runner tour around Key West, through the coves and shipping lanes. I swam with a manatee at Fort Zach (truly unplanned--the baby manatee just happened to be there!).

So what can I do next?   HMMMMM...................!!!!

Actually my friend and co-worker Billy (he's famous, so last names are optional) suggested I do an airplane jump over the lower Keys from Sugarloaf Airport. I've always wanted to parachute, but as you get older, you weigh the risks (fall.....SPLAT.....dead). I feel risky. Do you feel risky? They say the view is fabulous on a clear day, and the jump is over mostly shallow water. Think of the pictures!

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Are you?  HMMMMMM.....................!!!

I'll keep you posted.

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