Saturday, March 1, 2008


Just got off a three-night work stretch and the weekend has arrived! The cold snap has passed. The only remnant is the nice breeze through the palm trees now. Windows open in the house! The sea is still choppy, but Dan the Ancient Mariner is out, trying to catch some fish for dinner. 

Key West is packed this weekend, with boat show and fishing tournament attendees. We had a very decent night last night in the ER, no major catastrophes or fly-outs to Miami. Seemed almost like an off-season night!

My child is nocturnal like me, she calls at 3AM saying she's on EBAY and can I pleeeez look at something so she can buy it? (My little hippy likes peace signs) She tried to stay up until 6AM when I get home, sweet thing, but finally dropped off.  Ebay, huh? A chip off the old block....Sometimes I wake her up in the wee hours of the night and take her outside to look at the skies. On a moonless night the sky fills with stars and they shoot all over the place. Another wonder of this place. The blueness of the day and the blackness of the night.

The Tiki Bar down the street starts up soon. We hear the band from our house. Instant entertainment....

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