Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SIX DEGREES OF REPARATION: a cautionary tale

I have fallen victim to the SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION syndrome. My words have come back to bite me in the butt.  All for a good cause, but still it reminds me that this is a really small world sometimes, and things you say may haunt you afterwards. This is a really cool story. Hope you enjoy it......

Remember in a previous post where I ranted and raved about CBS cancelling Jericho? My FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WORLD? I wasn't the only one. All over America, grass-roots fans mounted a campaign when they cancelled it the first time, sending tons of peanuts to the director of network programming at CBS. After being inundated with enough peanuts to open a charity kitchen for wayward elephants, the show was renewed, then cancelled after its run of episodes.

I was mad.......pissed.......disappointed. As were so many fans. I wished ill will and bird flu on the executives at CBS, then comforted my sorrow in the hope of Jericho living forever in my DVD library.

End of story, right?  oh no...............

Two nights ago, I'm sitting having dinner with my sister and our kids  in Miami.  Apparently she had read my little rant on the Jericho issue. She says, "You really shouldn't have wished the bird flu on my sister-in-law".  Sister-in-law?  Yup. Her sister-in-law is THE one who pulled the plug, THE power that is at CBS. Should have guessed by the last name, but who figured they were related? Brother and sister? She's the one that probably never wants to see a peanut again as long as she exists on this earth!


Again my sincerest apologies and deepest genuflections to those I may have offended. Sorry, Peter, I didn't know you had a sister who was director of Network Programming! And to the exalted Ms. T., my humble apologies. I realize you had a job to do and you did it, no matter how many people you pissed off in the process.

Sort of like nursing, parenting, and a million other professions around, no?

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