Tuesday, May 6, 2008


IT'S OFFICIAL..................I AM NOW A BLONDE!

Ok, so I might regret it several days up ahead, when my hairdresser is out of town, and something resembling an infestation of black fleas can be observed on my scalp. But as soon as that plastic cap came off and the purple stuff washed out of my hair, I knew......I'M A BLONDE! A silky, pixen-haired blonde babe wannabe. A little Mother's Day present for myself. A little makeup, some red lipstick and PRESTO! INSTANT LIFT!

I'm not frivolous. I'm just bored. I'm eating too much, have too much literally on my plate. I'm at a crossroads in my life. And since I can't seem to do anything right for certain people these days, perhaps I'll start pleasing ME for a change! Starting with the hair. And the hats. And the red toenails. I know who I am. A middle-aged mom who really doesn't care about impressing anyone with anything except her brain, her nursing skills and her work ethic. If nobody gives me the once-over ever again, big deal. I'm past the age and mentality where you constantly need approval to validate yourself.

But if you like the new blond, give the old broad a break. TELL HER!

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