Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Is it anyone else's experience that the stuff you see in the ER comes in little groups? A couple of acute alcohol intoxications, a couple of ovarian cysts, a couple of cases of appendicitis--all in one shift? That was the case last night. A couple of cases of cellulitis. Two lacerations--both between the fourth and fifth digits (very hard to suture up because of space constraints), a couple of insect bites, a couple of people falling off their bikes and messing their faces up. Nothing serious, nothing fancy. I can't wait for the couple of traumas to roll in the door, inconveniently spaced apart.

I missed the trauma the night before. Some guy decided to hack another guy to death with a machete. I heard it was a bloodbath. He ended up being flown out and the perp was arrested for attempted murder.

I did my good deed for the night. I was called up to the Medical floor to attempt an IV on someone whose central line had gotten infected and pulled. No IV access. Nothing to play with. Then I took a look at his foot......and there was a big JUICY vein staring up at me right in front of his malleolus. Wouldn't even need a tourniquet. The nurses looked at me like, "Can you do it there?"
I can and I did. The patient got his IV access and everyone was happy. Not exactly the strangest place to put an IV site. I remember someone telling me they put in a 16 gauge in a guy's penis once during a code. WHATEVER WORKS.......

In our down time, we played a little game of "If you could be anything but a nurse right now, what would you be?" Got responses from the staff as varied as place kicker for an NFL team, arms dealer, rock band groupie, charter boat captain. Mine was classical musician/concert cellist. Carnegie Hall, here I come...........

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jeepgirl said...

Travel Agent, or one of those perpetually tan kids who works on the catamarans in the Keys or Cayman.