Monday, July 7, 2008

All of a sudden, it hits you........

You know that you've got it BAD when.....

You haven't left the Keys yet and you're already wishing you were back in your elevated little house overlooking the water.

You can't wait to do your things and get back to the islands.

You're back at home, in your DREAM HOUSE, in the house that cost you blood, sweat and tears to keep afloat, in the house you'd thought you missed more than anything and all you think about is BLUE WATER.

You keep meandering through your big big house with the stairs and realize, "I can't grow old in this house. It's tooo big. Too much work."

Your grass is overgrown, an oak tree that was hit by lightning is obstructing your driveway and all you're thinking about is palm trees in your pearock yard.

It's time.....

The house is on the market.

The Keys win.

Home is where the BLUE WATER is.

PS...........anybody out there wanna buy a REALLY BIG HOUSE in the country?


girlvet said...

I'm coming down there to live with you. I'll pitch a tent on the lawn.

mojitogirl said...

just remember....its pearock (ouch!)

Always welcome! It's not like we can't find a JOB...anywhere!