Friday, August 1, 2008

So.............what's for breakfast?

Happy Friday to all! A six-day weekend stretches before me........

I have survived a four-night ER stretch just a little worse for wear. Nothing really major. We've seen a lot of gory and pustulent abscesses this week. Staph is ENDEMIC in this part of the world. Sometimes all I want to do is take a hot soapy shower mid-shift .Hibiclens is definitely my best friend. Armpit abscesses, groin abscesses, buttock abscesses, breast abscesses, little ones and big ones. The pus is running fast and loose around here!

At the same time, nobody's coded, everyone's gotten stabilized and sent to ICU in a speedy manner or flown out quickly. I even managed, in the span of ten minutes tonight, to get my patient out to the chopper, pump an overdose's stomach and field a call from the Teen Queen. Talk about multi-tasking in a limited time frame!

All systems are go for my transfer to PACU at Papi's hospital. This means that I have 2 weeks left before the ER gig is up on a permanent basis. I can't believe it's almost been a year to the day since I got to Key West and embarked on this amazing adventure. I'm going to miss these people and this job. I haven't had this much fun since college. And they PAY me to do it!

But, it's time for life to be normal again. It's time for me to get up at a normal hour, work during the day like normal folks do, have dinner with my family again and put everybody to bed before I retire. It's time to rejoin the family unit. I'm sorry to have to let it go, but as MOM, I know it's time to take charge of this "put the fun in dysfunctional" family. Break out the sleeping pills. I gotta learn to sleep at NIGHT again!

Off to sleep I 8am. When I wake up, it will be time for the Sunset Celebration. Hopefully Papi will have the shrimp on ice and the margaritas mixed.

Shrimp and margaritas for breakfast. What a concept. Only in Paradise!

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jeepgirl said...

My mom gave me a magnet for the 'fridge.... "Rum.... It's not just for breakfast anymore." I'm sad to see you leave the ER, but hope the adventures continue. If you ever need someone to drain abcesses give me a shout. I LOVE abcesses!!!! :) How's the Teen Queen's summer been?