Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MOJITOGIRL and the end of summer

The lease is signed! Moving date is August 15th. Marathon, here I come!

A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can breathe again knowing I'm not going to get stuck in an icky house because we couldn't find anything we liked. We really like this place. At my age, after being a homeowner for soooo many years, you get accustomed to living in nice places and being comfortable. I hate carpets, white walls, ugly kitchens and icky bathtubs. I like my fixtures updated. I like clean and fresh. And I HATE the smell of mold.

The new place is quite lovely. Three stories. Main living/dining/eat in kitchen and laundry on the second floor. Bedrooms on the third floor. Balconies on both floors. The first floor has a foyer, then indoor storage. It's on a quiet street. Ocean views from upstairs, and a great view of the Seven Mile Bridge from the top floor. Also a great little pool area just steps from our place. And the complex is mostly empty. Travelers from the hospital stay there and they say it's very quiet.

My packing is almost done. I go back to work tomorrow for a six night stretch. The TeenQueen arrives late next week. The honeymoon is almost over. Papi and I are really looking forward to getting up and having coffee together in the morning before heading out to work, instead of him just leaving it ready for me when I get home. We're looking forward to a lot of things these days... I'm happy he's happy. It truly has been a relaxing summer.

I have to give you one last GREAT ER POST before I sail off into the sunset. I'm twirling some ideas around......There are some characters that need to be immortalized in print. I just want to formulate the right words so you can get a mental picture of how screamingly funny this last year has been at work. Sometimes I wish I could capture these scenarios on video......but then I remember....HIPAA......oh yeah, them!

All I know is that the cast of characters includes: The NarcoNoseSpray Lady, the Dancing Money Dude, The Munschausen Village Idiot, the Cuban Party People, the Burka Lady, and the drunken Wynken, Blynken and Nod. And oh let's not forget Torquemada, Head of the torture party and Sugardaddy.com!

It sounds frightful just writing out their monikers!

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