Monday, November 17, 2008


Overheard behind a patient's curtain in the ER:

Patient: My back hurts and I can hardly walk. My prescription for Dilaudid is out, but my doctor's out of town until next week. I hate my husband, and one of these days I swear I'm going to kill him.

Doc: How long have you had this back pain?

Patient: My husband is the spawn of Satan. I hate him and one of these days he'll end up with his throat slit. Too bad my back hurts so much I can hardly walk.

Doc: Ma'am, what does your husband have to do with your back pain?

Patient: He causes the back pain with his mind. I'm going to kill him because he messes with my mind!

Doc: Are you saying your husband is the cause of your back pain?

Patient: I hurt so much, I can't walk, and I'm going to kill him!

Doc: (After a long, thoughtful pause)..........Have you thought of hiring a HUSBAND WHISPERER? He whispers in your husband's ear and his behavior improves......

Patient: Do you really think he could help me with my husband? I'll try anything, and my back hurts so much I can't walk over and kill him whenever he acts up.

Doc: It works like a charm. Wait here while I go get his number (and fill out your Baker Act form, since you have homicidal ideations and are delusional).

Every woman should have the HUSBAND WHISPERER'S phone number in her PDA.

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jeepgirl said...

Love it!!! We use the Md's pagers to scan for implanted CIA listening devices. That works well too!