Monday, December 29, 2008

Am I the poster child for Cymbalta?

I'm in desperate need of sea air and tanning oil, not to mention some inner peace and relaxation.

I'm taking the rest of the week off. Mental health days, as far as I'm concerned. There has been too much stress and excitement of the negative variety for the past month, starting with Thanksgiving. And since the surgical schedule is zilch, the hospital wants us to cut down on hours and the weather is absolutely beautiful, it seems like a great time to skip work and go!

The boat is in the water, docked at a friend's house. New Year's is right around the corner. And there is nothing less stressful than being on the water with good weather, blue seas and a light breeze. Nothing to do and all day to do it. No TeenQueen at home (she's with her father for the rest of the holidays). No dreaded anticipation of the next tantrum, argument or waiting for the inevitable "next shoe" to drop. Just Papi and Bumby and I, exploring the nearest sand bar.

Note to tourists in the Keys: It is high season for Portuguese man-of-war, those beautifully pesky jellyfish. Their stings are exquisitely painful, as a patient found out today when he tangled one in his face. Look before you swim. Or you'll get to see me during a side trip that wasn't on your itinerary. Be careful. Have someone scout the waters before you enter. And I know from personal experience, even the smallest amount of contact burns like hell.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. But sometimes when you have too much on your plate, getting up in the morning is hard. Getting dressed is hard. Being civil is hard. Work is only so entertaining. I need a break.

I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve in Key West. A little zaniness can't hurt.

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