Saturday, March 14, 2009


So in I stroll Friday to the hospital. Hour Zero approaches. My friend the nurse manager needs an answer today. I've made up my mind I'm going to take it after long thought and discussion with the TeenQueen, who is the only one that can throw a wrench in the works (with that once a week phone call "MOM-I'M IN THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE-again!!"). I'm ready to go down and have a talk with the powers that be. The transfer form is filled out and neatly tucked into my pocket. I have to chase people down because everyone's busy, in a meeting or off the property.

By 2PM I am frazzled. After the surgical schedule is completed, I pick up some additional hours in the ER, which is having a tranquil day. Still looking for the powers that be so I can resign in person--no hard feelings, strictly business, you know. Alas, the CNO walks into the ER and before I can even brace myself, out of my mouth comes "STEP INTO MY OFFICE, we gotta talk!"

So I start spilling my guts about the hours, my need to work three days, the offer, the desire to transfer. He counteroffers with a transfer to the ER, three days, day shift, and the ability to work Key West as overtime, so he won't take the fiscal hit. I'm stunned. I didn't think they'd want to keep me so much.

But they do. In so many words, "Key West can't have you."

They're keeping me. I can still roll out of bed 20 minutes before report.

I bought a new bottle of Hawaiian Tropic and a pair of surf shoes to celebrate.

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jeepgirl said...

Its amazing how things work themselves out. It looks likeyou may have gotten the best of both worlds. Just make sure you get it in writing!!!! :) Happy things worked out!