Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm baaaack!!!!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. My back is 90% better, only an occasional twinge to mark its existence. Nothing noteworthy is going on around here. We've been experiencing cooler climates here while the North got pummelled with snow and ice. When it's in the 50's in Paradise, you know the rest of the world is freezing. We're finally warming up to breezy, sunny days where you can keep the windows open 24/7.

Also part of my delay in posting is that my beloved Mac laptop "Old Whitey" (as the TeenQueen called it) suffered an untimely death. For a few days I was disconnected from the electronic world, and suffering. Luckily, the TeenQueen's father, who was moving out of the U.S., sent her the PC she had at his house. It was just a matter of reconnecting it and PRESTO....we're back on! Its ok.......I still mourn my Mac, which was most user-friendly and never had any bugs and was portable anywhere....but for now, the PC must do. After all, these are hard economic times.

The Keys are full of people. There's actually TRAFFIC up and down U.S.1 most of the day. The restaurants are full here in Marathon. The hospital in Key West, from what I've heard, is busy busy busy. Our hospital is still dead and dying. Our much-hoped for merger with Bigshot Health Systems fell through. There was a scalding-hot article in the local paper, with the Board of Directors of the hospital basically throwing the hospital management under the bus for running the place into the ground. I have to agree with them. If you're on the good list with them, you have all you want, hours, privileges, etc. If you're on their shit list, you can die and your corpse will be picked over by the vultures before they even notice. It is a complete culture of cronyism. Yet I realize, I STILL HAVE A JOB, no matter how sucky it is or how few hours I work. I know things are really ugly out there for a great many people.

So we put on a happy face!

P.S. It's Daylight Savings time again!! More sunlight for your buck! More beach time! More boat time! Gotta love it!!

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JS said...

I wish it was boat time for me, but its still snowing up here. JS