Thursday, August 27, 2009


Finally getting some downtime in the ER. After a whirlwind of activity in there since before mini-lobster season, it has finally toned down ( and NO-the Q-WORD will not be used!) to where we're actually cruising through the day without much hoopla. It's been nice to the point that you can actually go out and pick up lunch, then come back and eat. That all 6 rooms aren't full at the same time, that stupid stuff isn't coming through the door every two minutes. We need a break before high season begins again.

The same goes for the town. Everybody's talking about the next two DEAD months. I've actually been out and about in town and the place is pretty empty except for the locals. The other day I had the pool at Tranquility Bay practically to myself. Which wasn't bad, since I was not in the greatest of moods and I just needed a quiet place to think, carry on conversations in my head and try not to scream in frustration at things that weren't going well. Even that has passed, and now I'm in full JOY mode again, doing the things I love to do without interruption or prior commitments. Even work is fun again when you don't have to rush home to SERVE the NEEDY....

I took a walk last night on the old Seven Mile Bridge while the sun went down and the moon came up over the water. I usually do morning walks before it gets too hot, but yesterday I missed my morning window of opportunity and decided to do it at night. As I stood on the bridge at dusk, listening to my IPOD, I couldn't help looking around at the beauty of the place, where I was standing, over the water, under the moon. I had to thank God out LOUD for the opportunity to be here. For the chance to savor this beauty before me. For the moment that I was living HERE. NOW. Even though I might not be here tomorrow, I was here today and I experienced ocean, sky, moon, sunset and profound JOY. And no matter how dire any situation was, I would be OK. And I am.

For those of you interested in the fishing report, snapper and swordfish are running in droves. Lobster is EVERYWHERE. If you can fish, you don't need to buy your source of protein. The weather is great, the hurricanes have for the most part stayed away, and the seas are calm. It's still hot, but we're crawling towards October already. Next weekend is Labor Day, and I'm OFF for 8 days. I'm having friends come into town and there will be a lot of fish tales to be made!

In the meantime, I swim in the afternoon at Tranquility Bay, walk the bridge, go to the beach, keep up with my friends, keep the TeenQueen on task, and plan my winter jaunt to Macchu Picchu. And work to pay the bills. Ok, it's not all fun.

Have a great weekend, wherever you may find yourselves



CMe said...

wow thanks for this - sounds like paradise indeed. i'm a little jealous... (i LOVE the water) blessings to you!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

That's sounds awesome.