Saturday, June 5, 2010

When life gives you lemons, make MARGARITAS

Life is never dull in my reality.

Who else would be the wandering pilgrim, with 2 homes, several jobs, my possessions scattered, not knowing where I will be at the end of any given week? I think my existence would drive anyone insane. But, for me, it's normal. I roll with the punches.

Things have been shaken up since the last time i wrote here. I gave up my job here in Paradise. Now I just live here. No more ER for me. I loved it, enjoyed it, and was happy to be a part of the working community here. I worked with an incredible group of nurses, nursing supervisors and allied health personnel which were not only the finest in their field, but a great bunch of people to know personally. It's really too bad that the suits that run the place are a bunch of ASSHOLES. Power-hungry ASSHOLES with personal axes to grind. People not qualified to do their jobs and whose delusions of personal power have made them even more ineffective that they ever knew. They are running the place into the ground while the staff jumps over incredible obstacles every day to give good patient care. I'm taking a temporary hiatus from them, but I WILL BE BACK: there will be REGIME CHANGE soon! The management company that runs the hospitals has their lease expiring in the next few months; therefore, the current administration is out the door and they KNOW it. When they're GONE-I'm IN AGAIN!

(ps I miss my crew--day shift, night shift, the supervisors, Z: Love u guys! keep in touch! See u at Publix!)

So now I work in Miami. Not a bad gig, since it occupies my time and gives me something to work towards: going HOME!
I do my work time, and count down the days until I get out of work, pick up the dog and head SOUTH on the Overseas Highway while the ocean welcomes me home. It's a beautiful thing. Plus the hospital in Miami is by the ocean, so having lunch seaside gives me a chance to not get too homesick.

It's now full swing into summer. The heat is oppressive, tolerable only when you're submerged in a body of water. We're also gearing up for hurricane season and the probability the oil spill might be coming our way. What a freaking disaster that's going to be for this beautiful part of the world and all the marine life. Maybe even the end of things as we know them. How very sad for all......

TeenQueen was here for a week on vacation. Incredible change in her. Poised, mature, confident, happy. Somehow my snarky teen was taken and someone replaced her with an incredible young lady! She looked so radiant, so international......and my goodness, speaking SPANISH like a native! I am so VERY PROUD OF HER!!! All things happen for a reason and this was the best Mother's Day present I could possibly get!

Happy? As happy as I'm going to get today. Do I live a crazy life? Sure I do. And I get to keep two residences clean in the process, have groceries in both, make sure you pick up mail at both places. Would that drive anyone nuts? Only if you need to know where your toothbrush is at all times. You either have 2 of them, or you buy one when u get there.

You don't sweat the small stuff. You roll with the punches.

And then you're back in Paradise again.........

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