Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I am MOM's favorite! (ASK HER)

I own this family. They're good to me, feed me wonderful food and keep me smelling nice all the time. They're great people, except for this OBSESSION they have for the ocean.

You'd think they'd catch on by now that........I don't like to be thrown in the ocean!  I see what you catch in there. Big toothy creatures that bite even when they're dead. I don't like sand between my toes. And just because I CAN swim doesn't mean I WANT to......I DON'T! Remember I do have hypothermia issues....small dog, thin coat and all

There's a lot of strange creatures here. Those feathery loud chicken things that roam around freely. I love to chase them, but sometimes they chase me back. Those ugly black scorpions that Mom hates. And lets not forget the iguanas that jump from palm trees and slither along the dock. 

I like the dolphins, though, especially when then swim around the boat and jump in the air. The manatees are cute too. Thank goodness they're vegetarians.

At least its not cold here. No more stupid-looking sweaters and doggie coats for me! And Mom takes me everywhere because things are so laid-back everywhere. Hey, they even have a doggy dress-up parade during Fantasyfest for me! Can't wait to dream up this year's costume!

Gotta go.....I think I hear a chicken in the yard..........BUMBY

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