Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is us. Big Dan, little Dan and Mom.  A compact, happy family.  We came to the Keys from a little town in western Volusia County. Dan wanted to fish and be able to use the boat year-round. I wanted to make more money and have a year-round tan. So when the opportunity presented itself......Margaritaville here we come!

I'm a critical care RN. Worked at a large trauma hospital back home. The two hospitals here are small and very non-acute. Everything BIG gets flown out to Miami. The work is easy, just not challenging. But it's ok. The crew I work with is good and fun to work with. The ER is small, but there's never a dull moment in there. (I'll save some stories for later.....)

Dan works in the OR at the other hospital. He's wildly happy there BECAUSE its a small hospital and worlds away from the large hospital he spent his whole life working at. Plus he gets to fish in the afternoon, on weekends and sometimes in the evenings.

If he'd stop catching barracudas, we even might be able to eat fresh fish sometime.....

His tan is better than mine.

I hate him.

Dani quickly made friends, became a cheerleader, and antagonized her teachers. Like she never left home.

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