Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My favorite time of the year has arrived! DST means more daylight, longer days to enjoy. Here in the Keys, it means longer boat time (verrry important), longer outside time, and the best of all.......depending on my schedule (7P-7A or 6P-6A). I GET NEW VIEWS OF THE SUNRISE AND SUNSETS!  New nuances of light and shade over the water.  Both coming and going to work, I have a hard time not getting distracted. I take my camera everywhere, just in case I need to pull the car over and immortalize the scene in front of me.

I'll try not to be late to work.

I have a hard time sometimes thinking I'm closer to Cuba than I am to the mainland US. I miss Cuba, my friends, family and all the good times I enjoyed there. It pulls, believe me. It makes me melancholic sometimes that the same sun that I'm enjoying now is setting over Cuba too, and that I'm not there. And while this place reminds me of a tropical paradise, I am very well aware that I am HERE,  not THERE. I'm close, but so far away.  

Just another day in paradise.

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