Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"YOU CAN'T PUT THAT ON YOUR BLOG....." said Dan (click on this link to see the video)

He should be happy I don't post the video of him driving the boat bare-butt.....he truly believes in enjoying the sea the way God brought him into the world. One day I'll have to treat the second degree sunburn on very sensitive milky-white skin. Quick! Get the Silvadene!

Maybe that's why he doesn't catch as much fish as he should.....he's scaring away the fish.

On a better note, notice the happy teenager. I love having a happy teen. They're easier to talk to, feed, clothe and love. They tend to bite less, make less of a mess and make for a better night's sleep. Maybe she's growing up. I think the change of location has done her a world of good. Things are more quiet and laid-back here, and she seems to be happier.

On the work front, have a twosome starting tonight, prefaced by.......A STAFF MEETING! THERE WILL BE FOOD! A great motivator for anything. If you offered margaritas, you'd get perfect attendance.

Let's see if there's any news about the contracts.

I'm hedging my bets. I've put in an application at Dan's hospital, which oh so happens to have a PACU position available, not to mention ER and ICU. I can work all three. That way, we can justify moving a few miles up the Keys to be closer to Hospital A, in deference to gas prices and the fact housing is a little cheaper than in Key West.


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