Thursday, May 1, 2008


OK! Another quiet night in the ER. Six or seven patients seen after midnight. All well paced. Most after 4:30AM. No charts to catch up on. Time to sit outside in the silence of the night and admire the moon sinking closer to the horizon. No drunks. No crazies. Just sick and semi-sick people. Just 2 fly-outs to Miami that will carry over to day shift.

I'm having wayyyy too much fun at this job.

Supposedly, the bean-counters will be meeting with the contract people individually to put their wonderful monetary offer on the table. Staff is running scared. They fear the mass exodus on night shift and they're mulling THEIR options, too. Have had more than one inquiry into my travel companies and agencies. Even the docs are grumbling about what they're going to do when they have no staff to work with. Hope it all ends well.

I'm off for two days. The house is clean. The laundry is caught up. What am I going to do with myself?

I'm sitting on the patio, seeing the sunrise while I write. People always travel to Mallory Square in Key West for the Sunset Celebration daily, because the sunsets here are spectacular. But my money is on the sunrises. Every day a different color in the sky, on the water, pinks, purples, blues and every imaginable shade in between. The best part of my drive home is seeing the sky start to lighten. Add the sounds of the roosters crowing and you have: PARADISE.

Another one of our graduate nurses is leaving us. For Alaska. I wish her the best of luck in her new adventures. May she take the sunshine with her....she's going to need it up there! I'm just sorry to see all this fresh talent leaving us.

My espresso is finished. Time to wake up the kid for school. When I awake, I look forward to another sunset, dinner on the patio in the island breeze, and if I'm lucky, sneaking off for a cocktail at the Tiki Bar down the street.

I have a hard life sometimes.

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