Saturday, May 24, 2008


It's 2am on Saturday morning. It's the start of the Memorial Day holiday and the ER is eerily tranquil. I hesitate to use the "Q" word because we all know what happens when you say it. All HELL breaks loose. Other than a lot of little kids with runny noses, rashes and a couple of ankle injuries earlier in the evening, the place is dead.

I fielded an interesting phone call this evening. A woman calls and tells me her husband has fallen out of bed, and she doesn't know what to do. After ascertaining that he's alive, hasn't lost consciousness, no seizure activity involved, he's breathing, I ask, "So what is it that you need?" She just wanted to know what to do with him! Lady, tell him to get up and get back in bed! And if he can't, call Rescue! What am I supposed to do from HERE?

YOU GOTTA the amazing lack of common sense.

One more night of work and the weekend is mine to enjoy. I have family in for the weekend, so it should be interesting having a posse of teens under one roof.

Enjoy the holiday weekend safely. Don't let me see you in MY ER!

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