Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I AM not a tourist................I LIVE HERE! part deux


It was a WONDERFUL holiday weekend.

We had weekend guests, which is not unusual when you live in a place where people pay serious money to come and play here. We love it when the house is full, the grill is on, the boat's ready to take us and the sunburn isn't too painful afterwards. My sister came for the weekend, and we had a relaxing, cozy time of it. It was nice to just kick back and relax, not worry about work and hairdo's or alarm clocks going off. We went out on the boat, found us a piece of paradise and did the obligatory hanging out in the water. Even the teens managed to have a good time, tanning and swimming and listening to "tunes". All in all, very relaxing. We should all do it again.

I happened to work Saturday night while my guests were here, something I didn't plan on, but hey, there it was on the schedule, so off I go! I was on the tail end of a head cold, and by Saturday night, my sinuses were clear, but my voice was shot. I sounded like Girl 6 from a phone sex company at my best, a faint whisper at my worst. Most of my coworkers are at different phases of this shared malady. We even have group nebulizer sessions. Try to triage chatty people when you can't talk! Fun! I can say it now because the weekend is over: We had a QUIET couple of shifts, considering it was a holiday weekend. Even managed to get a movie and a nap in on Saturday. Nap was interrupted by an unresponsive guy in respiratory arrest beside his car in the hospital parking lot at 4AM, but hell, if I have to wake up, that's what I want to wake up for!

Sunday's visit to Bahia Honda was cut short in the late afternoon by a fast moving storm. We had to hightail it across the ocean for several miles in order to outrun the storm. Not fun, especially since the waves were whitecapping, the wind had picked up and there was thunder in the distance. Definitely did not want to get caught up in THAT out there! We made it home OK, nobody got seasick and then it poured! I hadn't seen a tropical downpour like that in months! The patio upstairs got flooded, thunder and lightning all over the place, and flying coconuts and palm fronds. Effectively it grounded us for the rest of the night. Of course, I missed it. I went down for a "nap". Nobody woke me until the next day.

Monday was breezy, sunny at times, and beautiful! Because of the wind and the choppy water, we stayed within the reef, just boating over to Picnic Island, which is a small beachhead just off of our island. Parked the boat, jumped in, walked around, got some sun, and left before it got too crowded. The day was just absolutely perfect, content to sit on the patio and enjoy the breeze. Too bad my sister had to leave. She called when she got home. It took her nearly 6 hours to get home, and it's only a 3 hour trip, due to holiday traffic up the Keys.

On the work end of things, June just got pretty busy. PACU just picked up ALL my daylight hours! In the meantime, I wait for my transfer to the other hospital. That just means I work hard all of June, and relax for the rest of the summer without worries.....

Little D is amazingly tanned. Big D looks like he fishes for a living. I am glowing. Thank you Hawaiian Tropic! I'm glad we live here. This is life for us year-round. No worries, mon! So my friends, you know....the invitation is always open.....come to the Keys.....no shoes, no shirt, no PROBLEM......

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