Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So much for the six day weekend----I'm going to work in PACU today!

After a 9 month absence from my true love in life, I'm going to finally orient in PACU at the hospital. They're finally short enough to need outside help, and some of the staff members asked me to speak to the manager and see about helping them out. I did, and HERE I GO!

I love PACU. And it's not because it's the specialty that I've been doing for so long. It's just that I love all aspects of it--waking the patients, working with anesthesiologists, the pain management, the critical care aspect of stabilizing after surgery, the constant flow of patients in and out of the unit, the dwindling down of the surgery schedule until they're all done.

At the same time, it offers some daytime working hours, which my family has been begging me to work for months. Apparently, MOM is MISSED at night! I guess I still need to tuck you people in and read you a bedtime story, no matter how old you are! (Both BIG DAN and little dan and Bumby, who sleeps at my feet).

Mind you, I'm not abandoning the ER. I'm still there 3 nights a week. Still enjoying the madness. And as for the PACU position at Dan's hospital, the powers that be are still working out the details regarding what to do with me, my contract and my transfer. But in the meantime, life goes on, and I get to work. I'm in no hurry. It all works out.

Just when I thought my overtime was OUT, they drag me IN again!!


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