Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here I am on the patio again, enjoying the morning cafecito. Dan's off to work, Little D off to school. Just me, Bumby and the cat and THE BLOG.......PARADISE!!

My day in PACU was anything but uneventful. After a little tour of the place, and and a look-see at the paperwork, I took a patient. Just to get my feet wet. A little case, but the patient started to crash, with bleeding and unstable VS. Suddenly I was hanging fluids, calling anesthesia and getting a dopamine drip ready. Labs, type and cross for blood, fighting a raging fever and getting ready to transfer to ICU. My preceptor made a comment in passing, "I guess I'll sign off your orientation sheet." One of our hospitalists came in to write medical orders to admit, saw me there and declared, "So tell me, WHERE don't you work?" He's used to seeing me either in the ER or ICU. I don't deliver babies. YET.

Just another day in the PACU! SO MUCH FOR UNEVENTFUL!

All they wanted to know was "Are you coming back?" OF COURSE!!

Tonight it's back to the ER for my regular 3 shifts. Hopefully my sunburn will die down by this weekend and we can hit the water again. It's supposed to be beautiful again. And YES I will try some new sunscreen, something in the SPF 100 category if it exists.

I've got things coming up I need to study for. I'm going for the gold: I'm going to take the CEN and the CCRN exams soon. I'm fairly ready for the CCRN. The CEN I'm going to take a review class in June. Which entails a little trip to Palm Beach, Florida for the weekend with some coworkers. I want to get these out of the way before I start school. Mind you, I haven't even chosen a Master's program YET. But I'm looking. Comparing. Ready to take the leap. I can't have fun all the time.

In the meantime, I sit and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze.

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