Sunday, May 4, 2008

woof WOOF woof WOOF woof woof

In my dreams, my BUMBY is being stalked by the Killer Flamingos.


So after a less than busy 12 hour night shift in the ER on Saturday night, I get home, have coffee on the porch with Papi, read the paper, pet the dog. Finally get to sleep at about 10AM, all the while thinking, "What a beautifiul day outside." Well, that planted the seed that woke me up early. Instead of at least 6 hours of restful sleep, I have to survive with 4.5 hours. I hope we have another decent night tonight. Dr. Skittles, work your magic! That's OK.....I'll sleep tomorrow or the next day or when I'm dead.

No good ER stories, kids......just mundane stuff involving jaundice, Kayexelate, chest tubes and the consensus that we'd rather work at McDonald's pushing fries than be psych nurses. Oh, and we're trying to get a group together to take a stripper-pole exercise class in Key West. Just the girls, good fun, and a workout to boot. Plus we have 2 poles outside the ER where the ambulance entrance is (it holds up the canopy) so we can practice when we're not busy. You think we'll get any gawkers?


My co-workers are starting to read my blog. Thanks for all the positive comments. Sometimes it is easier to write than it is to talk to the dog. She loves me, but it's a lot of unconditional, supportive silence, punctured by the occasional yippy bark. Otherwise, not much feedback. This all started as a vent for a rocky adjustment to a new place, and it has blossomed into.....something more. The Chronicles of Mojitogirl.

On a different note, I've been speaking to other RN's and they touch upon the same topic: BURNOUT. Frankly, on a very human level, I truly feel bad for ANY person who does not find enjoyment, inspiration and wonder in their chosen profession. Yes, nursing is hard, but at the same time. there is SO MUCH LATITUDE. Don't like this specialty? Try another. Don't like working staff? Work agency. Hate the hospital scene? Work home health, school, hospice, office. Don't like your town? Go travel. Work days. Work nights. Work only weekends. Work bedside, or work office. Have the intestinal fortitude? Be a manager.

But burnout is like depression. You feel like you have no options. NO WAY OUT. That is what happens when you've done ONE thing for too long. You truly feel like the whole profession is going to be more of the same. It's not. Sometimes a mere change of scenery is the jump-start you need to keep things fresh. I am a great believer in not being unhappy, especially at work. You hate your job situation? CHANGE IT! Take matters into your own hands. Only you can effect change. Nobody's promising it will be easy, but you never know until you try.

And I want to send a great big HELLO to the staff in PACU at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Ladies, you have no idea how much you are missed. Need I tell you again, you are a talented, compassionate bunch, as well as a great team. It was a privilege working with you all, and you are greatly missed. It was probably the most labor-intensive, critical acuity department I have ever worked, but the experience was unforgettable, as you all are. This also extends to the surgeons and the anesthesiologists. Dr. Harrington and Dr. Fabio, I miss your trauma train wrecks. Sharpies and dopplers just aren't the same without you! How have I managed to live without stab wounds, mangled bellies and fem-fem bypasses for all this time?

Please keep in touch, since it looks like I'm not going anywhere near home anytime soon. I keep a little piece of Volusia in my heart, and you are all there.

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