Friday, June 27, 2008



Dr. Skittles has worked his magic again. He has the uncanny ability to make our nights lighter, brighter and less like work. And we've got him ALL WEEKEND!! YIPPEEEEE!!

Last night was a killer. If I ever forgot how to put in NG and OG tubes, last night was an intensive refresher course. And I HATE putting those things in......I've had one in myself and there's no way around is UNPLEASANT to say the least. I also had a duo of Vomiting Vixens, who did nothing all night but spew a la EXORCIST. There was no meds that would stop the spew from spewing. Hence, the NGT's.

So, unless somebody near death or with his head dangling loosely from his body comes in tonight, LET ME REST! Let those little protruding bones in my feet that scream my name over and over be relaxed and propped up. Let the eminent Dr. Skittles bless us with his magic.

Happy Friday from an ER somewhere in the Florida Keys!

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