Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ah, the summer months. Down time everywhere. Less work, no stress, no one home but Papi and I............. plans SCREECH!!!!!!!!!!!!! to a halt.

Except that this summer. Daniella doesn't want to leave.

She has spent every summer with her father. She usually goes to Miami, and then from there they go on vacation, or to camp, or to visit family for the summer around the country. She used to look forward to spending the summer with her Miami friends. Not this year......OH NOOOO,,,,,

She wants to be here. In the Keys. At the beach. In Key West. On Duval St. Taking the bus up and down. Seeing her friends. Getting a tan. Anywhere but with her father. And he doesn't know it yet.

So far, she's been out of school for 2 weeks, and has managed to put him off. She can't put him off much longer!

Of course, I've never wanted her to go. It used to be murder at the beginning, missing her all the time. Especially since she and her stepmom did not get along, and she did whatever she could to get under her skin. But it was inevitable. Every summer, she went, and didn't come back until the beginning of the school year. But this year, the mouse roared. In no UNCERTAIN TERMS, she told her father that she wasn't spending ALL summer with him. She had a social life, you know.

Of course, while it's nice to have her here, it throws a wrench in some of my plans. I have house-hunting to do. I'm working both daylight and nighttime hours, which means my schedule is retarded. I can't be trotting her around town all day. And it won't be a mess-free summer, as usual (OK call me a little selfish!).

The kid's growing up. Heaven help us all.

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