Thursday, June 19, 2008


I love the fact that we saw more drunks tonight than the night of FantasyFest. I love it that our local law enforcement had so much presence in here tonight you would have thought we had our own little police station. I love the fact that things were cool, no one got hurt, spat upon, vomited on. Just a couple of mild verbal barrages until the Haldol kicked in.

I also got hit on--by a woman. Oh, well, you can't have it all....

But what I love the most is that it's the start of a four day weekend!


Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHHHHHHHH gotta love the FULL MOON >>>>> lol

Anonymous said...

Gladys Losa...I saw that name and asked myself, who the heck is this trying to contact me? Do I owe her $$$? The coppers finally found me, I surmised the jig as they say was up. What to my wonderous eye should appear but the former Gladys Fernandez. My goodness what a blast from the past. How the hades are you kiddo? You haven't changed a bit darling! I still live on the mainland, not to far, yet far enough from our old stomping grounds. Sheesh, this is freaking me out. So much to catch up on. Your daughter is amazingly gorgeous. My son stopped in his tracks and asked me who is that lovely lovely. Such a boy!!! My other son was surprisingly more subtle and just whistled. Such a boy as well!

We'll catch up more soon I hope. My email address is Drop me a line or two or three.

Henri Valera
HML 78 baby!