Sunday, July 13, 2008

My TEEN QUEEN is away in Miami. We've chatted several times since she left. She was a little miffed at me when we parted, since she was grounded for bad behavior. But things have smoothed out. In fact, I got this little love note as a comment on the blog:

Hi mom; its me. i miss you.
and i have be3en reading your blog.
but it seems like you dont miss you teen queen too much ):

i miss you though.
hope youre eye inefction gets better soon.

Love you always.

I do miss you darling. Every day. But I'm glad you're out there and realizing that you don't have it so GREAT when you're not home. That not EVERYBODY puts up with your drama. But I hope you are having a good time and that your travels go well. And when you come home, then WELCOME HOME. Until then, Mom loves and misses you. OK?

Behave......I can't save you from afar.....LOVE YOU!! mom

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