Sunday, August 17, 2008


Things are looking up if not better. The storm IS headed our way. But school has been cancelled, the hospital has suspended surgery for the next 2 days at least, and all possessions including the boat, are transferred and safe. NO school and NO work. We have a full pantry, extra gasoline for the generator and plenty of candles, flashlights and propane to last us for however many days we need.

The authorities started tourist evacuation of the Keys today. Which means the line of traffic OUT was phenomenal. Luckily, our travels today have mostly been IN, toward Key West to finish off the move. The boat was the last thing moved. They're expecting storm surge, combined with a full moon will equal very HIGH tides, so flooding is a possibility. We're in good shape. Only thing left is slide the shutters closed on the windows.

Right now it's sunny and breezy in Marathon. The seas look ok, not too angry. And I'm tired, but happy that I'm getting a little reprieve after this most hectic weekend.

I'm picking up a wireless signal in the neighborhood, so I can write on the blog and check NOAA's website for updates.

Stay tuned---this is going to be an adventure: My first hurricane in the Keys!

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