Monday, August 18, 2008

panties......BLOWING IN THE WIND

IF YOU'LL NOTICE that 2PM spot on the map........that's us. Right now!

The wind has been howling all day. It feels like someone's throwing objects at the house. My hurricane shutters aren't closed yet because Papi has a wonderful sense of adventure and procrastination. He feels that the pork roast in the oven is infinitely more important than the possibility of window damage. My bedroom has French doors to an outdoor balcony and I'm passing away the afternoon watching the palm trees bend. Hopefully, no flying coconuts.

We can't see the ocean anymore. It's all blended in to the sky in an endless shade of gray. Not really too much rain either, just wind speeds now in excess of 40mph and increasing.

But at least the power is on still, and we're still on enforced holiday from work and school. I think we avoided the bullet this time, but then, the mainland is going to get hit with the real storm tomorrow.


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