Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi everyone ! (: (Sorry Mom)

This would be the so called "Teen Queen" my mom always seems to mention.
she left her blog page up, and me being the mischievous one i am....i decided to put up a post of my own! mwahahahahha.

So, since i dont really know what to write about, I'll just tell you that my mom is secretly freaking out about this hurricane thing, but me and pops are chillin' throughout the whole thing, we've already been outside exploring :).

But NOOO, mom just sits inside and cleans (she does that when shes mad or nervous, in this case...nervous).
I keep telling her thats its not even that big of a deal, its wind & rain combined .... strongly; and that its not gonna get any worse [knocks on wood].

So i guess you've all heard about our new house huh? its really nice, i actually like it alot. my room is a good enough size for me, and THERES NO WHITE WALLS! :D You dont understand how much white walls irk me -.-

So my mom has trapped me in this big house in this new town and for what? to clean. She claims im grounded for life, but we all know Mommy loves me too much to do that to her one and only (i hope) loving daughter. Yeah, im excited for school. Thats really weird, because normally im not Im sure youve already read about the sad state of public education here in the keys. But i'm hoping this is a different story.

So yeah...anyways, im bored now. Not really, i could sit here and write forever and ever and tell you juicy secrets and tell you about my "problems" and non-existent teen love life, but i wouldn't want to have to make a Blog of my own. Not yet at least (:

By the way, my mom is really the best, she may love the dog more than she loves me but i dont blame her. the dog doesnt talk back. & plus, my kitty loves me (:
Speaking of the kitty, i havent seen him anywhere- hopefully he hasnt snuck out into the rain.

Oh wait, one more thing: I think all of you should explain to my mom that she should let me grow up and not to keep such a short leash on me ! Because ya know, she loves me and all :). Yeah! No groundment for the teens ! I'm. On. Strike.

Ah, gotta go. Mom just came in and told me to finish my room, typical. -.-

Later ! (:

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girlvet said...

update the blog...are you guys floating away? Thinkin' of y'all.