Thursday, August 21, 2008


SORRY ABOUT the delay in posting. The hurricane scare is over, the wind and rain have died down and the MOJO has been heavily involved in that favorite American pastime: ORGANIZING HER HOUSEHOLD. That being in addition to starting a new job, coordinating school/bus/cheerleading practice for the TeenQueen, making dinner, doing tons of laundry and collapsing exhausted in bed, only to do it ALL over again a few hours later! My feet scream bloody murder, I'm out of Advil, and if I have to climb another flight of stairss (I have 3 stories!) I'm just going to crumple in place.

But otherwise, life is good.

Work, as predicted, is underwhelming. A nice, friendly environment to work in, very cute and cozy and above all, A SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT. No charging psychos or drunks. We had a little incident the last week I worked in the ER in which an MD had a part of his anatomy bitten off by a patient while RIGHT THERE in the unit. I kid you not. And then the patient swallowed said piece of anatomy and they were unable to reattach it. He would have made Hannibal Lecter proud. It's not even funny because he was MY patient a few nights before and that could have been any one of us!

I used to rant about scorpions when I moved here. I haven't seen a scorpion yet in Marathon, but there's a new little ugly creature that pops up everywhere and torments me to no end: the crabs. Big orange crabs that pop out of everywhere, can slide under your door and only live to hound me. As you can guess, I don't like them. Terrified is more like it. And they're EVERYWHERE!!

Switching to day shift is not a piece of cake after a year of night shift. By 4pm I'm tired. By 7pm I'm a zombie. I guess I'll adjust.

I walked home today. It took 5 minutes. It was great. If it weren't 90 degrees outside, I'd probably do it more often.

So such is life these days. I must give you the lowdown on those last ER days, as soon as my house is in order. But no, we haven't blown away. We just haven't had the time to gaze at the sunset lately. But tomorrow is Friday and the weekend begins....


Braden said...

Yo, yo dawg, fo shizzle, thanks for making me one of your homies. Word, g!

Braden (20 out of 10 Blog)

JS said...

What did the patient bite off? I would really like to know. By the way I like your blog and I love the keys. If you get a chance check out my blog. JS

one/angry/kid said...



mojitogirl said...

The guy lost an ear. The biter swallowed it. The bitee was unable to retrieve it from the biter and had to have it reconstructed, but I understand he has a permanent deformity.

The news even made CNN!