Monday, September 1, 2008


FINALLY............a post. It's actually sunny in the Keys. We have not been out of one weather mishap to fall into another. The Lower Keys has been under a tropical storm warning all weekend. So much for boating and picnic plans. We're all wearing our amateur meteorologists' hats and tracking Gustav, Hannah and whoever else decides to blow our way in the next couple of weeks. Talk about preparedness! Food, gasoline, generator, water, shutters at the ready, a reserve of tequila and margarita mix (for barter of course--you never know if you need to trade it for candles and matches!). The kids in school already have to make up two hurricane days and school only started two weeks ago!

So today is the first really sunny day. Very nice, very breezy, a little choppy out there for my taste, but absolutely beautiful. Blue water and sky like it's supposed to be. Papi is chomping at the bit to finally put the boat in the water and dock it at its designated spot. We went out in the morning for a stroll down the old Seven Mile Bridge, which is now a pedestrian walkway over the water. Hard to believe that little footpath was once THE ROADWAY. It's tiny, two-laned, no median. No small wonder they always had fatal head-on collisions there! We let Bumby run to her little heart's content and were almost tempted to dip her in the water at the seawall, but the current was a little strong. We'll get her later today in the boat.

Back to work tomorrow. Not a bad week ahead of me. Three days up here and a princess shift in PACU Key West. A little entertainment to break up the monotony. My house is FINALLY looking like we've lived here for awhile. I can find all my clothes and Papi knows where everything is in the kitchen. And the grill finally dried out from the previous tropical storm and lights again (VERY IMPORTANT to all!).

So, good wishes to everyone and I hope you've having a great Labor Day weekend wherever you may find yourselves....hopefully in a warm, sunny spot.

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