Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm packed and ready to GO!

Tourist evacuations begin today. Resident evacuations start tomorrow. Patients are being discharged, and those too sick to go home are being airlifted by the Navy transport plane as far away as Alabama. The surgery department is closed for the next week, but (YIPPIE YIPPIE YEAH BABY!) I'll get to work in the ER again once the danger has passed (it will also put an end to the withdrawal symptoms and the heavy sighing every time I pass the ED doors!).

The plan is to drive to Daytona Beach and ride out the storm. I mean, really, what's the use of having a house if you're not going to use it, at least for a hurricane shelter? I already have my "Keys Re-entry Permit" so they'll let me back in if it's a mess down there. Everybody's scattering to the far winds. I personally don't care about losing all my things, it's happened before and in the end, they're only THINGS, they are replaceable. But a lot of my coworkers may not have even a home to come back to, and the mood is quite bleak, to say the least.

IKE has taken a slight southern turn, but not enough to put us out of danger. So we prepare...........AND WE WAIT.

PS: Papi's idea of preparation? Seasoning a 15 pound turkey for tonight and seasoning a pork roast--just in case we need to go, we'll have a good supper with our friends beforehand. I'm not nagging him about the shutters this time. I'm not everybody's MOMMY around here.

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Blossom said...

Stay safe :)

We have a nurse-friend that lives very near the NC coast (basically protected by 2 barrier islands, less than 2 miles from ocean)... During her first hurricane, she said on the phone "If you see Jim Cantore at the end of your street, it's going to be interesting."