Friday, October 31, 2008


One of our main events in Key West is FantasyFest, a week long, sunshine-filled bacchanalia of booze and undressed states, fetish parties, body painting and (did I mention?) costumed and uncostumed creatures. This year was a less populated event, probably because of the state of the economy, but still loud and racy enough to keep us a little busy. Due to my dislike of drunken crowds, I chose to work and free up the ER staff to go have some fun, figuring I'd still catch a piece of the action, even while indoors. I was right.

Friday night was a yawner. No different than any other night. We considered ourselves lucky we weren't running around all night. We even planned to have a nap list set up for the next night if things kept up. HaHa......

Saturday night arrives. Same crew, same ER doc, our own Dr. Sugardaddy, who kept us old broads plied with chocolate and food to keep the estrogenation factor content. We saw our patient, collected beads from the family members who were in the ER, and even had time to order from Outback courtesy of the nurse manager (Thanks Sandy!). Then after midnight......they started rolling in..........

THE all their gorgeous varieties! Happy drunks, anxious drunks, sleepy drunks, puky drunks, the regular drunks. Add to that the hallucinating folks, who were seeing leprechauns darting through the doorway and bright colored lights streaming through the cosmos.A couple of ankle injuries, people falling off their high heeled stripper boots or smashing their toes on objects unseen. The panic attack chick who, when not getting your full attention, would FLING herself out of bed to the floor and scream....not once, not twice, but 3 times. We finally sat some police officers who were there taking a police report for someone ELSE at her door and she stopped. Major drama queen. Lots of fights, lots of laceration suture-ups. Two traumas that luckily managed to be discharged and walked out, despite the possibilty of major injuries.

Oh, and in the middle of the excitement, our computer program for charting goes on the fritz and don't have access to ANYTHING! We must revert to paper for anything coming in and do the input later on when the computers come back. Thank goodness they were only down for 2 hours.

Everytime we took a break and sat outside at the ambulance bay, by magic, another EMS truck would appear....we decided to skip the outdoors after a while.

At 6AM, someone asked, "So who's first on the nap list?" At least no one got hurt, no one wrestled anyone else, no one died and we all got beads!

The unanswered question of the night is, "Where did your jeans and underwear go between the time of the accident and the time EMS picked you up?" We'd really like to know!

Just another night in Paradise.

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JS said...

It like that everwhere. At least it is like that here during festivals in the summer. Sounds like you had fun. JS