Monday, October 20, 2008

Parting Gift

A guy shows up with two friends at the triage desk. None of the three look sick. One of them says he's a tourist and he's been stung by a scorpion. One of his friends carries a shoebox which has the mortal remains of a large black scorpion. All three look nervous. I take a look at the victim's hand, and reassure him that the local scorpions aren't poisonous, but can cause painful stings. I tell him that if he isn't allergic, the hand is going to be sore and that's it.

One of his friends pipes up, "So he isn't going to die today?"

Nope, I assure him. But I tell him there's no hope for the scorpion.

They leave. And they leave the dead scorpion in the box in the waiting area.

Thanks guys. I hate scorpions.

On the other hand, Papi and I had an abbreviated work day today. Not our doing...we had 2 surgical cases, one was cancelled, and we were done by 11:30 AM. So what's a department to do? We all went to the Hurricane, a local watering hole near the hospital to have lunch! We closed up the OR, and chowed down for awhile, which killed another hour of a beautiful day. The season is changing. The oppressive heat and mugginess is starting to disappear. It's breezy, clear and beautiful. Almost time for the Official OPEN THE WINDOWS AND TURN OFF THE AC DAY!

So what do you do on abbreviated work days? Three guesses........................when there's water, water everywhere!

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JS said...

You are so lucky you live in the keys! Its in the 30's and 40's up here. JS