Friday, October 17, 2008

Prepping for the BIG WEEKEND!

I did my first ER shift in 2 months today!

Surgery was slow, and I volunteered to work the ER at my new hospital. Not a stretch, since it's less busy than Key West and we're on the same computerized documentation system. I had a pleasant day, worked with really nice nurses and a very personable ER doc, plus......I warmed up for the main event: I'm working back at Key West's ER for FANTASYFEST!!!

For those who don't know, FantasyFest is a combination of Mardi Gras, Brazilian Carnaval and a free-for-all bacchanalia. A week of costumes, body paint, booze and excess which descends on Key West for a week at the end of October. Hotels are packed, the party never ends, and it's usually very busy in the ER.

I volunteered to work two night shifts on the main party nights. It's the closest I want to get to the party without actually being a part of it. Papi's kind of pissed at me because he wanted to go and I volunteered to work. Hell, I'm not dressing up, I have three drinks and need Zofran, and have no need or inclination to mix with the drunken masses. I really don't see the charm of throwing up on people's shoes, peeing in the bushes or exposing your genitalia to a perfect stranger or a throng of perfect strangers on Duval St. Some people have no business showing off their bodies. Some acts of exposure are absolutely criminal.

The sideshow in the ER is enough for me, thanks. Plus, I don't want the TeenQueen getting any IDEAS about attending the celebration. She's been behaving lately, so life is good.

Happy Friday to all! More stories next week on how the party ends up at the ER's doorstep!


JS said...

I wish I could work the road down there during that event... Sounds like you will have a great time. JS

jeepgirl said...

The hospital in Key West doesn't accept travelers for FantasyFest week do they?? Maybe an experienced ER nurse could come down there next year and help with the sideshow!