Saturday, April 25, 2009


1. I'm scared of spiders, scorpions and crabs. And that's pretty much it.
2. My fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.
3. I like squeaky-clean people. Dirt and sweat don't do it for me.
4. I want a dauschund. And I want to name it Boner.
5. I was raised Catholic. I don't practice. But I truly believe in a Higher Power who helps us achieve our potential.
6. I could eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
7. I could eat oysters for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
8. I want to parachute from an airplane before I die.
9. If I could only travel to one place in the world it would be Venice.
10. Life sucks without Cuban music and Bach.
11. I fear I don't have enough time to train my daughter for the big bad world before I let her loose.
12. I've found that you don't necessarily have to like your family members.
13. I love my profession (that's no secret!). I just hate the bullshit that goes with it.
14. I took piano lessons for 4 years as a kid and never learned to read music. I faked it.
15. I strongly believe in a woman's right to choose.
16. I cry when my patients die.
17. I cry every time I see Wuthering Heights.
18. I love PeeWee Herman.
19. I used to photograph cemeteries around the world because the architecture was so interesting.
20. I can point out an Art Deco or Architectonica building anywhere.
21. When I was a teen, I wanted to become a Playboy bunny at the Bunny Clubs. My mother was horrified, but I had the bunny dip down.
22. I love my daughter more than I love anything else in this world. The dog comes in a strong second.
23. I have a secret Ebay addiction.
24. I may look a mess, but my feet are always perfectly pedicured.
25. I've found that you are not the sum total of your possessions.
26. I danced on Jim Morrison's grave in Paris.
27. I fought off a rapist once and got away.
28. I've seen my life flash before my eyes and I don't wish to experience that again.
29. I listen to mambo music when I clean the house.
30. I have friends that I can call up once every ten years and just pick up the conversation from where I left off.
31. My life may not have been conventional, but it's certainly been interesting!
32. Buying and renovating a house is not a big task for me. Been there, done that several times. Plan to do it again.
33. I want to learn to sail so I can buy a trimaran and live on it.
34. I want to be a nurse anesthetist. I'm just waiting for the TeenQueen to finish high school.
35. I don't regret my mistakes. I learned from every one of them.
36. I hate toxic people.
37. I hate gossip
38. I would love to learn to play classical guitar.
39. I want to take a tango class and a flamenco dance class.
40. I thought England was cold, dirty and overrated.
41. I love furniture by Mies van de Rohe and Le Corbusier.
42. I love soft leather clothes.
43. I've worn braces twice in my lifetime, and couldn't tolerate them either time. So my teeth are still crooked.
44. I had a fear of dentists until I found a great one who put me at ease without drugs. Thanks Dr. P.!
45. I love to chat with my patients while they're waking up from surgery. You hear a lot of interesting stories from interesting people.
46. Give me a good bloody trauma any day of the week!
47. I don't understand this whole NASCAR thing.......
48. I never met a Republican that I really liked.
49. I can't decide where to scatter my ashes when I die.
50. I'm proud of the fact that at my age, I still don't take ANY medication for ANYTHING!
51. I hate boob jobs.
52. Nothing uplifts my spirit more than the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans.
53. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be Cuban bread.
54. I don't drink white milk. Never did.
55. I believe medications for anxiety take away your coping mechanisms and leave you worse off in the long run.
56. I love being a blonde (sometimes).
57. I am a strong believe in "what goes around comes around" and that the bad energy you put out will eventually find YOU.
58. If I had the chance to be anyone right now, I'd be a concert cellist.
59. I believe that money doesn't make you a happier person or a better person.
60. I'm more fearful of lightning strikes than I am of sharks.
61. Sometimes I forget my own abilities and short-change myself. I'm getting better, though.
62. I'm flexible enough to see someone else's point of view on a controversial subject.
63. I believe that sensuality is more important that sexuality.
64. I am an ocean person, a beach person. But I don't like lakes.
65. I love hats (especially wide-brimmed hats and little cocktail hats with black veils).
66. I would love to be a vampire.
67. I hate going to the movies because I can't sit still for all that time. But I love movies.
68. I love to bowl.
69. I was a frustrated gymnast as a teen. I was not that flexible.
70. I hate sitting in the front row at the ballet. All you do is see the dancers WORK and SWEAT and land HARD!
71. I had an official day of mourning the day that Frank Sinatra, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Cachao died.
72. I truly believe all great talents in rock music are probably manic-depressive (hello, Axl Rose?)
73. Once I'm through with you, I'm THROUGH with you. Done. Finito. Kaput.
74. My daughter knows how to push my buttons in ways nobody else can.
75. I'm not an uncaring person, just an extremely practical one.
76. I think most rap music is demeaning to women.
77. I will kill to protect myself and my child.
78. I'm obsessed with a possible flu pandemic and the strategy to survive in the aftermath.
79. I used to be a pampered suburban housewife. That got boring rather quickly.
80. If I didn't have to get up and work every day, I'd be horribly depressed.
81. While I love the ocean and spend lots of time in and around it, I greatly respect its power and its potential to get ugly.
82. I was a DISCO QUEEN!
83. Black high-heeled pumps are my favorite shoes.
84. I love my Ipod.
85. My favorite car I ever owned was a BMW 325i. My funnest car I ever owned was the Toyota MR2 Spyder convertible.
86. I am very horribly nearsighted. I wear contact lenses and reading glasses on top of that.
87. I prefer a manual transmission in a car over automatic ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.
88. I love Frieda Kahlo and her art. I like Diego Rivera, too.
89. I love to refinish furniture.
90. I hate Tom Cruise. Just a little too arrogant for my taste.
91. If I liked girls, I'd definitely do Sharon Stone.
92. I hate pushy salespeople.
93. I don't have any talent with plants. I've actually killed cactus.
94. I like to cook for large groups and gatherings. Cooking for one is ridiculous.
95. I can track someone down with the efficiency of a private detective.
96. I once got married on a dare. That worked out well.
97. I found that my father was a far more interesting person when I stopped looking at him like "Dad" and treated him like a person.
98. I wish I looked like Annie Lennox (hence the *blonde thing*)
99. I've never had the urge to learn how to fly.
100. I can still twirl a baton. A lot of good it does me now!


JS said...

48. I never met a Republican that I really liked.

I would like to think that if we met you would like me, we just would have to talk about rum and the water... Staying away from politics. I don't like many democrats either. JS

JS said...

Its not an issue, thats the great thing about america! JS