Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Karma is a BITCH

Something REALLY JUICY is going on at work at the home hospital. But I can't tell you until things resolve either one way or the other. But I'm so full of glee that I can't contain myself. Sorry, but it will have to do until you get the FULL and OFFICIAL story!

I worked in Key West yesterday in the PACU. Did cases for the big ortho surgeon who used to work with us in Marathon until he jumped ship and moved his caseload to Key West. Basically, he took 60% of the surgical schedule with him. No hard feelings, it's business. And he's happy to surround himself with his old crew from Marathon. I had a wonderful, busy day and all went well. Got to see my friends and co-workers. Got to see a fine specimen of young manhood, too (but more on that eventually! my LIPS ARE SEALED!!) By the time I left in the afternoon the ICU census had dwindled and it looked as if I would be canceled for my ICU shift today. (I was, and here I am, blogging instead about fine specimens of manhood (STOP! SHUT UP!).

I miss Key West. I should have never left my job there. People are begging me to come back. Oh well, let's see how things develop in the summer.

We've had an unusual amount of boat-related injuries lately. And most of them haven't even left the dock yet. People keep slipping and falling between the boat and the dock. It could prove almost fatal, as the case of little old dude with the subdural we had to fly out PRONTO. Or at the least, a painful couple of weeks with broken ribs. We're seeing a lot of falls lately. Even I fell the other day (missed the last step going down in order to avoid squashing the PsychoKitty. Down I went, and my knee is still bruised and tender. I truly thought I was going to have a broken bone, I landed THAT hard. when YOU STEP DOWN!

I promise, my story will be juicy squishy and ironic. My favorite saying for many years has been "Karma is a bitch". It takes on such GREAT SIGNIFICANCE at this stage in my life. There-another clue!!

XOXO from Paradise

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