Saturday, April 18, 2009

Going back home again

I finally got back to working in Key West this week. Picked up a PACU shift Tuesday and an ICU shift Wednesday. It was nice to be home again, among friends. And it was all so effortless! You just came in, did what you had to do and kind of picked up from where you left off the last time. At the same time, since the departments know I'm now available again, they call and call for me to pick up sick-calls, for extra staffing. I say "no" more than I can say "yes". I still work full-time somewhere else, you guys!

Still, it's nice to be wanted.

Maybe next time I work ICU I'll get my vent, my drips and a patient who's circling the drain. My kind of day. ARRGH!!!! (no really!).

The weather is beautiful here this weekend. Unfortunately, the winds are strong and taking the boat out isn't an option. Rip currents are making the beach a little dicey, too. But the windows are open and the breeze is flowing through the house. It's a perfect day to take Bumby on a walk on the 7 Mile bridge right before sunset.

I've decided to move when my lease is up. The current house is beautiful, new and very centrally located, but it has two distinct disadvantages: it's three stories high and has no dock. All I do all day is climb up and down and up and down. Plus, it is now too big for us. Don't need 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, just more to clean. Plus I really miss having the boat parked outside ready to go. It's in a marina now, which is extra expense, but necessary to keep it safe. So I've been looking and I found exactly what I want. A cute little dollhouse with 2 bedrooms and a dock. One story. Tiled. Pet friendly. And still close to work. And cheaper than what I have now. Move in date is end of July. I'm not looking forward to another pack-up-and-go, but the end result will be worth it.

So life in Paradise goes on. It's never boring. And if it gets a little stressful, nothing like a sunset to clear your head.

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