Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm talking about FACEBOOK. I joined several months ago just to connect with friends I haven't seen in years, from college, high school and places where I've worked during my ever-lengthier nursing career (WOW! almost 20 years now!). Little by little, I started connecting and now it's kind of got a life of its own! I've got friends from the hospital in Marathon, friends from the hospital in Key West, friends from Miami, Daytona Beach and friends from Peru and Cuba. Since I live so isolated here in Paradise, at least this way we keep in touch and stay current. It's a lot of fun and the easiest way to not live like a hermit.

Our ER visits are starting to trickle down to slow again. Essentially the season is over, and the tourists and snowbirds have up and gone, since it's safe to walk the streets up north without slipping on the ice. The air conditioner is now a daily reality because it's WARMING UP. The mornings are still balmy and breezy--as a matter of fact, I took the dog for a walk on the old Seven Mile bridge at 0845 today and it was absolutely beautiful outside. Blue sky, blue ocean, nice breeze-PARADISE the way it's supposed to be. Our next big thing should be the Memorial Day weekend (which I ended up working, I DON'T know HOW....!!)

Anyway the boat is in the water, and I've got someone tuning it up for me today so it will sail smoothly for the summer months. We have islands and sandbars to explore! We have tans to acquire! We have fish to fry! And since it's now a GIRL BOAT, the girls are dying to go out and take a spin! It's time the boat had a name. So the TeenQueen and I are putting our heads together to come up with a suitable name for our tanning machine. GRRLZ? GRRLPOWER? MOJITOGIRL?

The TeenQueen is leaving me soon for a short vacation. She'll be in Peru for several weeks visiting her father and his side of the family. Mom will not be running interference. She would have stayed longer, but she wants to be back in the Keys for part of the summer. Anyway, it will be a climate change for her, because Peru is entering the winter months right now and the TeenQueen owns no winter clothes whatsoever. Shorts, flipflops, tee shirts and jeans. No sweaters, no coats, very few socks. And I've already told her she can't wear socks with flipflops.

And what's MOM going to do with her time off? Tell u LATER.....

XOXOXO from Paradise!


Jay said...

hows it like being new to scene? :P

mojitogirl said...

I think FB is great. I don't have too much time for phone calls and I hate texting (something about those small keyboards and bad eyesight) so FB lets me communicate with friends. Plus it brings me into the 21st century! New technology is a good thing!