Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yeah......give your kid a hug. And try not to strangle her in the process.

The TeenQueen is grounded for the holiday weekend. Seems that she took it upon herself to have a driving lesson. In my new pick-up truck. With my spare key. While I was at work. Without asking for permission. On the eve of a very busy holiday weekend when the Overseas Highway is teeming with tourists, boat trailers and happy-hour revelers. And of course, HOW did I get the bad news? Papi, whose sole purpose in life is to pass me in the halls and turn his face in order not to acknowledge my existence on this planet, happened to CALL ME with the news. A prophet of gloom and doom. Thanks.

Yes, the TeenQueen's all right. No scratches on her or the car. Even managed to park it nicely in the driveway. But she's grounded for the weekend. Nobody in, nobody out. And attempting to make my life miserable in the process. Nice try, kid. Ain't gonna work!

I'll take the boat out Tuesday--BY MYSELF--when she's back in school and the tourists leave. I'll have the sandbar to myself.

This too shall pass. My mood's too good to let ANYTHING bring it down! It's a beautiful day and I'm walking on air! The world is my oyster. And Bubbles and I have a date at the old Seven Mile Bridge at sunset!!


Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Oh the teen escapades! I remember when I was the server of such aggravation and when I was the receiver. I am in hiatus at the moment, as the last child is only 11 and hasn't blossomed into the "teen monster" yet. WHEW! A break.. How nice. Hang in there!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

My oldest is only 10, and already wants to drive. Lord help us.

Anonymous said...

I really hope things get better for you with her! Keep your head up. JS