Friday, May 29, 2009

A Serious Case of Bed-Head

I'm having a bad hair day. And a bad headache/sore throat/body aches/can't sleep day. I called in sick to work because, with a 5:15AM wake-up time, I was still up at 4:00AM trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. Not to mention, a million goofy thoughts pounding inside my head. I'm not particularly stressed or overworked, just unnaturally anxious over things I have control over. Funny how your mind trips you up sometime.

So I'm home, trying to get some sleep. As you can tell, I'm not succeeding. I finally decided not to leave the bedroom because I have a compulsion to tidy up and clean anything out of place that I see. Disregard the fact that I, the Clorox Queen, scrubbed this house top to bottom yesterday, so there's really nothing to do, except notice the little lint specks on the carpet, or a water spot on the kitchen counter. Yup. Obsessing again.

I wish I could focus on other things. I tried classical music, since I spent the wee hours downloading all this music. Nice, but no-go. Reading only makes my headache worse. I'm not hungry. I don't have any projects pending-I did them ALL!! I can't go outside because it's really hot and muggy. I won't clean the TeenQueen's room because that's HER JOB....and her mobility this weekend depends on her finishing the task.

Still trying to get some sleep. Bathed the dog, cleaned the kitty litter, approved the TeenQueen's cleanup of the toxic bedroom. Head is still throbbing. Downed some more Advil. I should have gone to work. At least I would have been busy AND paid for it! Still not hungry. I'm surviving on breakfast cereal and water.

We're expecting thunderstorms this weekend in the Keys. The official start of hurricane season is almost upon us *GROAN*
It's hot hot HOT!!!

I think I feel a nap coming on........Happy Friday from Paradise!!!

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Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I've done this scenario many times except for the cleaning everything bit. I confess that I am a bit of a slob at times. I'd rather read a book or someone's blog than clean. I often lay in bed at night and can't sleep due to running events of the day or patient's troubles that I can't figure out. Of course, watching the pile of charts that I'm supposed to be doing get bigger and bigger drives me a little looney. Hope you finally got some rest!