Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happiness Does Not Need A Cause

This morning at 0800 I had the old Seven Mile Bridge all to myself. The sky was cloudy, there was lightning in the far horizon, and the sun was doing its best to peek through. It was balmy, breezy, not hot yet. My sneakers were on, my IPod was charged. And so I began my walk.

I was lost in a world unto myself. Music in my ears, setting the pace for my morning walk. No one on the bridge. I could sing along without bothering anyone, off-key, smiling to myself. Song after song after song found me at the end of the pedestrian bridge, 2.4 miles away from the entrance. Still alone, I couldn't contain myself. I broke out into a hot Latin beat, all by myself.

I smiled all the way back.

I've got a lot to smile about these days. I've got a lot to dance about, too. The joy comes from within.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful use of a morning. I'm jealous.

mojitogirl said...

You gotta grab them when you can. If it's not rushing off to work, or getting the TeenQueen off to school, or putting out some fire somewhere, I head for the bridge. 17 pounds lighter, head cleared, and a little joy for a little while.