Monday, July 27, 2009

Lobster Mini-Season Madness!!

Big events this week for the Keys. In the middle of the long, hot summer, we have a torrential influx of tourists. Tourists and their boats. Tourists and their otitis externa from diving and snorkeling. Tourists and their fish hooks in their fingers, their arms filleted by sharp objects while trying to clean fish, their heads, shoulders and backs banged up after falling off the dock after too many Bud Lights. What a weekend in the ER! I can't wait for Wednesday and Thursday, the official start of Lobster Mini-Season. That's when they open lobster harvesting to the masses for 2 days before the commercial fishermen put out their traps. Everyone becomes a lobster hunter with their tickle sticks and spearguns. I expect some trauma coming my way.

Key West had its Hemingway Festival this weekend. More drunken debauchery, a Papa look-alike contest, and a re-creation of the running of the bulls in Pamplona. So very Hemingway. Lots of drunks. Lots of people falling of their bikes, falling off the mechanical bull in front of Sloppy Joe's. Gotta love Key West. They do it cheesy, but they DO it!

Had a Lazarus code the other day in the ER. Patient pronounced dead, then a half hour later, while cleaning him up, found him breathing and with a pulse. A shocker. Left me speechless. I'd seen it once before, after a long code like this one, but it never fails to impress upon me the fact that if it's not your time, ITS NOT YOUR TIME. I hope he does ok. We flew him out to Miami. Maybe he'll walk back into the ER someday and say hi.

The fishing has been good. HB has caught some incredible fish lately. I've missed it because I've been working non-stop, but soon.......very soon.......I'll be back in the water. I have to console myself with views of the sea while I drive back and forth to Key West. I'm exhausted, as usual. But business before pleasure.

Hopefully I'll have some good ER stories for you all during the Mini-Season. And hopefully HB will bring back some tasty "bugs" to grill. And hopefully I won't gain too much weight from all this wonderful food he cooks up AND the wonderful wine selection. (yes, it's high on my list: Must cook. Must like the sea. Must like my dog.)

Saludos from Paradise!

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JS said...

Sounds like a good time in key west, but I'm glad to be in Michigan right now with our 80 degree days, and clear, cool, blue waters! Only problem is I need to replace the fuel line on the boat. Glad u r back! JS