Sunday, August 9, 2009

Off-Season Peace and Tranquility

It has been a laid-back week here in Paradise. Hot, sunny, lazy days. After mini-season, the tourists are mostly gone. I'm unhappy to inform you that we caught NO lobsters during mini-season, due to the whipped-up currents and water turbulence. HB went out the first day, I joined him the second day. A big fat ZERO for a catch. At least we got in some boat time without incidence! No breaking down, no overheating engine, no colossal arguments or temper tantrums about broken lines and lost anchors. Life is always in Category 4 hurricane mode with HB around. Like Zorba the Greek on speed, he never does things quietly and smoothly. It's all about the DRAMA.....

I hate DRAMA. I get enough of it at work. If you ever call a drug-seeker's bluff, you get DRAMA. If you have a TeenQueen at home, you're guaranteed DRAMA. I have a very low tolerance for it. I have a low tolerance for adults who behave like spoiled children when they don't get their way, when they're told what they don't want to hear, when they make the same stupid decisions time and time again. I ain't your mamma.......didn't give birth to you, so don't ask me what to do and then ignore what I tell you!

But this week has been peaceful. HB is back home, attending to his business. The TeenQueen has two friends down from Daytona Beach for the week, and it has been positively low-key here with all these teens in the house. They're having a grand old touristy time, going out on boat and beach adventures, parties, Key West jaunts. They're polite and quiet and somehow manage to keep the TeenQueen out of her usual trouble. Nice girls, too, the kind you want to have back over and over again. I'm trying to convince them to join us in Peru at the end of December, when I drop off the TeenQueen with her father and go on to Macchu Picchu with HB and whoever else wants to come along.

The ER has been essentially tranquil also. Just the locals, mostly. I've actually had time this week to head to the pool at Tranquility Bay a few times to take a dip and sunbathe. My house is clean, my laundry is done, and I've actually had down time for a nap or two. As much as I miss HB, my house feels normal again, quiet, spa-like. No mess in the kitchen. No lost keys, phone, wallet, pocket knife, etc. In spite of all the on-call surgery I've been doing lately (a couple of big bellies this week in the middle of the night), life is peaceful.

I like peace. I hate drama. I like HB. I'm in a quandry. Maybe peace is overrated?

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JS said...

relationships are always drama! JS