Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unlikely Fishing Buddies.

The TeenQueen is a funny character of sorts. She's independent, smart beyond her years and in possession of her own STRONG opinions. She's also rebellious, somewhat of a procrastinator and never lets an opportunity slip by to tell it like it is. She's also a possessive, slightly jealous soul. When she first met HB, her opening line was "Oh, you must be the ass*****ole boyfriend." No shame. Whatsoever.

My, how things change in a short time.

The TeenQueen and HB went fishing yesterday. I don't go fishing with him because I can't do anything right enough for him, from casting a line to driving my own boat to having the right equipment on the boat. He yells, I get mad, I sulk, but we're stuck together and can't get away. He yells and carries on if the fish get away. He yells and carries on if a barracuda takes his fish. He's LOUD.....and usually in an inoffensive sort of way, but I don't like people who yell. I avoid them at all costs. Little childhood trauma of mine, but hey, I deal with it.

So, whatever possessed my worldly, "I can't be bothered to talk to adults because I'm the Supreme Center of the Universe" child to go fishing with him while I working is BEYOND my comprehension. But out fishing they went, side by side, on the boat for hours, catching fish after fish which they brought home. Who knew?

HB pronounced the TeenQueen a consummate fishing pro. He praised her single-minded devotion and concentration to the task at hand. He liked the fact that she knew good fishing spots and she helped bring in the boat to dock without prompting. He liked that she handled her own bait. He was impressed.

I was impressed that he was impressed.

Afterwords, I asked her how it went out there. She said she had fun. I also asked if he had yelled at her. She replied coolly, "He yelled. I yelled back at him. You know I'm a bitch, Mom and I don't take crap from anybody."

The sight of them sorting through the lobsters, with her explaining how to clean them, how to identify males from females, and scolding HB because one of the lobsters was too small almost brought me to tears.

My little girl is growing up!

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