Monday, October 5, 2009

October Begins

It is October. My favorite month of the year. The month that the weather gets divine down here in the Keys. The month TeenQueen and I celebrate another year above ground. Halloween. FantasyFest. The holidays around the corner. All good things. And hopefully, work starts picking up too, because we're hurting around here.

Celebrated my birthday weekend with a little side trip to Miami for some shopping with the TeenQueen. In the end I didn't buy much because, although I WANT, I didn't really NEED much of anything. Decided at 4PM on a Saturday afternoon while sitting in crazy traffic in South Miami that I had had ENOUGH!!! of Miami---so much for that---and picked up my stuff and headed home. Ended up celebrating on Sunday at LaTeDa's excellent brunch in Key West and practically had the whole place to myself! I had been planning to do a sunset cruise later that afternoon, but a little too much champagne during brunch killed that idea.....didn't last that long into the day! But it was a great time, with good company and food, and that's all that matters. The weekend was memorable, all were well-behaved, and things have a way of straightening out if you don't drag them around too much.

Back to work tomorrow. Everyone packed away and home where they belong. Next week my services have been requested by PACU to cover a co-worker's vacation. So a little change of pace is in store. Five days, plus an ER day. A little extra work comes in handy.

Things are quiet and peaceful. Just the way I like them. Let's see how long that lasts! HB and I have entered a period of detente regarding life in general. He's accepted my decision to stay here. He's not pushing. He realizes I need space to breathe. That doesn't mean he doesn't wish I'll change my mind. But it is what IT IS. And even he admits he's miserable in Miami. He breathes like a free man when he's here, away from work and his problems. Such a complicated man right now! But his complications don't taint me because I don't let them taint me. I'm here to lend an ear, a hand, but not to assume responsibility for things that I don't own. And the economic reality is always there....I have work HERE. Work there is scarce right now. And if the traffic situation this weekend is any indicator of my mood, I'm going to be pretty grumpy and unliveable with.....and we both know it!

Stone crab season is coming up. Life is beautiful. Just a series of sunrises and sunsets and the fun you have in-between!

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JS said...

Happy birthday! I wish I was down there.... Its getting cold up here! JS