Thursday, January 28, 2010


It has been an incredible adventure living in Paradise. It has been relaxing, maddeningly so sometimes, peaceful sometimes to the point of being comatose. It has had its share of beautiful sunsets, incredible life-changing situations, renewal and rebirth. People have come and gone from my life, and their presence has left indelible marks. I came to the Keys with a husband and left with someone else. I came to the Keys with the promise of a new life, but actually things didn't turn out the way I had planned. They turned out better, the players just changed, the jobs changed, the logisitics changed. And did I change? Yes, but for the better. I regained ME. I came back to ME. I learned to slow down and smell the ocean. I learned that today is here, enjoy the moment, don't plan so much, don't stress out. Tomorrow is another day. And usually there's a terrific sunrise to welcome the occasion.

I leave Paradise today. Clear out the last of my things and head north. And as I do so, I try not to look back in longing, or fear, or regret. I have made my decision, and now I only look forward. I know there will be a time of transition, but I must find the beauty and opportunity in every day. I have to look forward. Living in the past is not an option. And my life is not a dress rehearsal.

I leave some incredible friends on a physical basis only. We live in a global society. Just because I'm not there doesn't mean I'm gone. We'll be in touch. And now it's have a place to crash here, I have a place to crash there. We're not that far away.

I will always say proudly, "I lived in the Keys." Because truly, I lived in Paradise. I had that rare opportunity to heal my soul there. And now it's time to rejoin the real world.

And I'm ready.

(But I'll be back.............)

THE END for now!


JS said...

Good for you! JS

jeepgirl said...

Hola chicka... Currently driving thru your old stomping grounds enroute to miami and home. Sorry we couldn't have a mojo/jeepgirl drink. Next trip we will have to get together! Hope all is well!!!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Come back soon Mojitogirl and let us know how things are in Miami. Life is funny and one never knows how things will turn out. I also did the same thing you did in a way. I moved to North Florida and ended up divorcing and marrying my husband of 13 wonderful years. The kids survived and life actually is good and am looking forward to the rest of it come what may. And one never knows?